What kind of DUCK layed these? MYSTERY SOLVED (post#9)


16 Years
Jan 22, 2008
Ft. Myers, FL
I was given these duck eggs to hatch, but don't know what kind they will be. Any ideas???? They are light green (pic not so good)

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They look a little large to be Black East Indies eggs. Probably Cayugas.

Cayugas lay extremely dark colored eggs at the beginning of the year that slowly tapers off into lighter grey. Assuming they're pure ducklings, when they hatch they should be pure black. Sometimes they have a yellow bib that vanishes as they feather out.

Good luck with your hatch
Thanks everyone, guess I'll just have to wait it out and be surprised. This is actually going to be kind of exciting!!!!!!!!!!
They look exactly like our Black Cayugas. Their eggs look like cement or a dark gray to almost black, if that is what they are then you have just inherited a beautiful breed !!!!
Mystery solved! The father is a crested white pekin and the mother is a Cayuga/Runner mix.

Anyone have that mix?? If you do, can I see a pic????

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