What kind of ducklings and when can they go out?


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May 12, 2012
Good morning everyone! I've got 3 ducks, can you tell me what they are? I'm thinking the large yellow one is a pekin and the other two are welsh harlequins. Also, they are 2 weeks old and starting to get a few feathers in. When can I put them outside? Highs are 80-95 with lows no lower than 55. I've been putting them out during the day but bringing them in at night.

This is Lily (pekin?)

Victor (welsh harlequin?)

Nona (welsh harlequin?)

Nona and Victor (welsh harlequins?) and Lily (pekin?)

Thanks everyone!!!
I would say pekin for sure and harlequin or swedish? I put my ducks out when they are 8wks old but in the coop I have for them at night I put them in a smaller type kennel so they stay warmer
Cute babies! I put mine out at two weeks. I know this seems really early, but they were in a very secure pen, locked in a large dog house with heat lamp at night, and separate from the other ducks. They are as safe and warm as they were in the garage and being outside really cuts down the smell. I think it's good for them as well, because they can eat grass and bugs.
My 1st batch, 2 Mallards, went out at about 4 weeks as soon as the coop was finished. There's no heat in the coop & it dropped below freezing several times after they went out. The were also in a secure coop & run with several chickens. I just closed the coop doors at night until temps were pretty much staying above 50 at night. At about 7-8 weeks they went into their own pen with a ground level duckbox. The box had no door. They are thriving.

My 2nd group of ducks went out at about a week & a half & also went in with the chickens in the smaller coop. There were 4 of them: a B&W magpie, a Blue Swedish, a Crested Kahki Campbell, & a Black Indian Runner. They stayed with the chickens for about a week & then moved in with the Mallards when they were about 2/3 the size of the Mallards. The have done wonderfully as well.

My last batch was 6 Black East Indies ranging from 2-4 weeks old who had already been outside since hatch. They went directly into the chicken coop for about 3-4 days & then moved in with the big ducks. The Rouen/Call pair I had gotten at the same time were already in with the other ducks as they were already slightly bigger than the Mallards at 2 months old & the Mallards are 3 months old.

Plans for the new hatchlings coming out of my bator in the next 2 weeks: Outside ASAP. Temps here are staying well above 70 overnight & 80-90's during the day.
Thank you all for your responses. I guess I should have said, I don't have a heat lamp that I can put out with them. Can I put them out when our temps range from 60-90 during the day and tonight it's getting down to 47 ....eek!!
Thanks so much guys! I think you're right. Victor is getting fawny color feathers in. I'll take more pics when they get a few more feathers. The funny (hmmm, not funny haha) thing is, Big R said Lily was a rouen and Victor and Nona were khaki campbell.
I'm a little late on this, but my Fawn and White also came from Big R (in Danville) and looked exactly like your Victor at that age. Oh, and they're adorable!

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