What kind of ducks are these?

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  1. Okay note, not my pic or my ducks BUT I have two ducks that looking IDENTICAL to these guys, one quacks one rasps so i'm thinking male and female, but at 16 weeks no color change on the supposed male...

    But anyway I want to know what these ducks are they were sold to me as "Welsh Harlequin" but obviously they are not! SO what the devil are they? Buff Orphington ducks? Mutts? what?


    P.S. I know the blues are runners, I want to know what the buff / fawn colored ones are.
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    Well, they could be Welsh Harlequins. My WH drake is in the process of molting for summer and his color now looks like he got a buzz cut after having years of long hair. LOL. He is very pale colored.

    If you don't mind waiting, maybe the autumn molt will make their breed more obvious.
  3. Possibly, but the ones I've asked with WH's said their males and females had the black and white patterning by about 12 weeks then later the males got their obvious male plumage...So i have no idea.

    I mean they are pets so they aren't going anywhere. They were to be culled from the guy I got them from anyway, one due to an eye deformity (bulging blind eye that requires daily neosporin/vasoline applications) and the other had what i found out was spraddle leg and was easily fixed in a week. I got them for free when I got 6 magpies (1 died within a week due to failure to thrive) but all my 7 remaining ducks have done nothing but flourish and I love their crazy selves hatchery magpies, and buff mutty mystery ducks. [​IMG]
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    definately blue runners and looks like khaki cambles to me on the buff ones, possibley with runner in therm too
  5. I'll try to get some good close up pics of my two, they are bodied like the magpies are, not low to the ground but not high set either like a runner. They are all about 5 lbs except the Buff Drake who is about 6 lbs I'd bet.

    I'll try to get some pics that are decent (no promises I do not have a digital cam- mines broken - so i'll use a cell phone camera. - lol.
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    They are poor quality (in the image) buff orpington ducks. Bred about the same time as the chickens with same name. Ideally a buff duck should have a blue head in the males and the females should be an even shade of buff with possibly a slightly darker head and absence of eye stripes. Buffs are a medium class breed and should be considerably larger than the runners pictured. They are more massive in body normally.

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