What kind of ducks are these?


8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
So a friend of a friend decided she didn't want her 2 and a half month-ish ducks any more and gave them to me today.


I am thinking that the dark one is a male Black Swedish. The tail feathers are just starting to tipping up a bit on him, and he is black and white with a little of the black being iridescent shining blueish green. The lighter one is a puzzle to me though. She? is cream with orange dusting on the feathers. She doesn't have any real markings except that orange tipped feathers. Any ideas on what she is? Anyone think that the other is not a Black Swedish? I am not really familiar with breeds as all I have had is hybrid ducks. The one on the outside of the fence is my older drake and I know him to be a grandson of Golden 300 hybrids.
And I swear I changed that water less then an hour ago...

I agree with the Black Swedish i.d.

The other looks Pekin to me - I don't know if they have a variation on feather color that gives them an orange dusting. I recall my Pekins as being creamy looking.

You are so blessed! What a cute couple!

And that water looks pristine for having ducks in it for nearly an hour!
That is a Black Swedish and either a silver swedish or a pekin hard to tell from that angle.... You get silver sweds or splashes when breeding two blue sweds. You also get blacks and blues the bill makes me think Pekin
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I would say she is a buff orpinton do dout about it. You say she has orange dusty feather tips then she is a buff no dout. Pretty sweedish.
I googled the breeds mentioned and I am thinking she's most likely a Buff Orpington. Here's more pictures of her close up. Sorry the pics are a bit grainy.



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