What kind of ducks are these!!??


May 16, 2015
New Jersey
Hi all! I'm new to BYC so I need some help answering some questions. For Easter I bought my grilfriend a Pekin duck and today we went and got a few more ducks (but we or the farmer didn't know what kind)from a farm. He said they are either Rouen ducklings, Mallards or Black Runners or even Muscovy. Can you please help me out and tell me the breed! Thank you!!
You will be best posting on the duck threads at "Other Backyard Poultry," forum above. The duck people will be able to answer your questions. I don't know much about ducks, the ones I see best in your photo look like Mallards however, Rouen's are a larger form of Mallards so the colors are the same.

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