What kind of eggs??

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    If I have 1 EE Hen, 3 RIR Hens, 1 BO Hen, & 2 Black Austrolorp Hens and they mate with 1 EE Roo & 1 BO Roo - when the eggs hatch (which 3 just did)and they grow up to be hens(wishful thinking) what will the eggs look like that they lay?
    I have 1 pure breed BO that hatched & the other 2 are definitely fathered by my EE Roo. If they are hens will they lay colored eggs?? Just curious. Does anyone know. One looks just like a chipmunk & then the other mutt looks like it has a RIR face and the body color of an Austrolorp - so i dont know how that worked out. They all hatched out of brown eggs.

    Now i do have a green egg getting ready to hatch next week. So i hope i made sense. Anyone have an answer??

    And i didnt know where to post this.

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    [​IMG] I think the colored egg would be dominant - I hope someone who has more experience will pop in here............

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