What kind of fence should I install for my chickens?

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    My 6 hens have been freeranging in our securely fenced backyard (8 foot wooden privacy fence). However, I've now learned that to correctly comply with my city's chicken ordinance, I will need to install what amounts to a "fence within a fence" for the chickens. I have a very nice, large coop for them, and this new fence will need to attach to the coop and offer at least 36 square feet of space for the girls. It must be at least 42 inches tall.

    I have already invested quite a bit of time and effort into our coop, which is actually a very small barn that we've built and been customizing ourselves. Thus, I would really like to try to keep costs and time down with the new fenced enclosure. Also, we need to do this as a DIY project rather than hiring professionals to build it. As final data points, I don't want to mess with any sort of electric fencing, and also, our yard is sloped, meaning that certain kinds of fence installations would be tricky to do.

    I am leaning toward a simple fence with metal stake-type fence posts that I can easily drive into the ground at different levels to deal with the slope issue. But what should I use as the actual fencing material? Welded wire? Plastic mesh? Or poultry netting? They all seem to have their fans, and I have no idea which one would be best. I want to use the option that will look the tidiest, and hold up well. I will also need to figure out how to build or buy some kind of gate to include in the finished fenced area, and I am not sure how that works with metal stake fence posts.

    I'd be really grateful for any input that others can offer on this. I've never built a fence before, and I don't want mine to end up looking awful and sagging or falling over. So what materials would you suggest that I use for this project?

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    If I had a 8 foot privacy fence I would completely blow off the city ordinance...really? Come on.
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    Maybe......would depend on the location, situation and the consequences, non-compliance with the law is a personal decision.

    Curious tho, what the codes states and why?

    Would recommend solid t-posts and welded wire fencing. Slope is tricky, depends on how steep it is.
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    I would suggest contacting someone with the city and explaining your situation to see if an exception can be made. Chickens aren't going anywhere with an 8' privacy fence!
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    Hmm, my thinking is, that with an 8' privacy fence already in place, I would just be sitting tight and waiting for someone to TELL me I had to add additional fencing. Or maybe you've already been told, not sure from your post. Unless you are under some kind of regular inspection, lol, or neighbors who are going to nit pick and rat you out over fencing technicalities I wouldn't rush to lay out $$ to add even more fence then you already have until I got a notice saying I had to comply. It may be considered non-compliance but such things usually will get you a warning to start out with, if it ever even comes up. Unless you've already received some kind of notification, going to the city usually just invites further scrutiny.

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