What Kind Of Geese Should I Get????


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Oct 7, 2010
Central, Illinois
Hello, im looking for geese to add on to my geese flock and was wondering what kinds i should get.. Right now i have 1 female toulouse goose and 1 male buff gander and if anyone has any geese for sale let me know!! Thank You
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Pilgrims are nice and which geese would be better sebastopol or pilgrim and which r nicer??
We have young Bar Headed for sale.


Wow, those are really beautiful! Do you need a permit to keep them?

As for the OP's question, any breed can be a 'good' breed depending on the bird. I have 5 embdens, 1 toulouse, and 4 Africans. The Africans (1 pure, 3 mixed with embden) can be kind of testy with the dogs and my son, and they are very noisy. If there is something 'wrong' (OMG---the feed bowl is full of PELLETS!! Ack! Where's the corn???--for example
) they will surely let you know about it!

I love the embdens, though the toulouse is pretty docile as well. I've had an american blue, she was a big baby. Basically the same as your buff, just a different temperament. Personally I would go with one breed that you already have so you'd increase your chances of having purebred goslings, but if you aren't interested in that then just get what's available that you can afford. Sebastopols are pretty high-dollar even for PQ, though they are pretty. Seems like I remember hearing/reading about non-sebastopols picking on sebastopols though? They are different after all, so that would have to be kept in mind. Other geese might see them as having something wrong

I would say go with pilgrim, romans, americans, toulouse, sebastopols--these are the least noisy and most docile. Embdens are not noisy either, though they can get a bit ornery, mainly during breeding season though like most geese.

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