What kind of incubator is best for a small batch of quail?

The Hovabator genesis is a great incubator. It is slightly under $200...

Brinsea has great incubators as well. But they are costly.
Dh bought my Hovabator on EBay or Amazon. Any poultry supply place would have them. Some of the feed stores have them. Just make sure you get one with air fan. I love my turner, worth every cent he paid for it, maybe more but do order the quail racks, that's going to be extra.

I got my quail racks from GQFMFG.com. Actually you can get the whole bundle there. And more goodies too. Love that place, wish they made their cages for their stand bigger though.

Sorry, I am carrying on but its late and I am staying up to let a little one dry off before I put his little butt in the Brooder, cause he's hungry. I don't want him to have to wait all night till morning to eat and drink. What we do for these little things.
I have an LG and a Sportsman. I actually like the LG and also my homemade styro coolerbator. Homemade cost me like $20
The Genesis is a great incubator, but it holds a lot of quail eggs! With the turner it can hold 120
Mine was about $160 I think with shipping.
The Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco is also a very good incubator but holds a smaller number of eggs. According to the site, it can hold up to 40 quail eggs.

There is an Eco 20 on Ebay for $149.99 including shipping http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380220589062&hlp=false&rvr_id=151134802871&crlp=1_263602_304652&UA=WXS%3F&GUID=8fb42a1812b0a0e202c7cae7ff8fda92&itemid=380220589062&ff4=263602_304652

one at Amazon.com for $152.98 including shipping http://www.amazon.com/Brinsea-Octagon-20-ECO-Incubator/dp/B001UF8OSY

I'd go with the Brinsea since you aren't wanting a large number of birds. This model is not auto-turn, but you can get the auto turner separately. However, it is my understanding that turning eggs in the Brinsea requires you to only turn the incubator rather than each individual egg. So it's not all that much trouble, you just have to remember to do it.

I think coturnix would be okay in low temps like yours as long as they are out of the wind and able to huddle inside something for warmth. I would recommend a rabbit hutch-type pen for them with at least part of the pen completely enclosed. You could always give them a small watt light bulb for warmth instead of a heat light, just enough to take the chill out

ETA: Brinsea's site has the Eco 20 on sale for $99. Again, this is without the available auto-turner, but you can't beat that price for one http://www.brinsea.com/prod-Octagon_20_ECO_egg_incubator-224.aspx
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Try PetSmart and ask for the containers the fish come in. Turners fit in those. I made a manual one from pvc.
Brinsea ECO 20 is $99.00 (when on sale)

Brinsea beats the pants of any Styrobator including overrated and overpriced Genesis no matter how you look at it.

Why pay $200 for piece of styrofoam which will fall apart in few years, is unsanitary and difficult to clean?

Brinsea is made of heavy duty molded plastic, dishwasher friendly, keeps temperature rock solid, REACHES and hold operating temperature in about 10-20 min unlike styrobators which need to be "stabilized" for days before you put your eggs in.

Beinsea offers 2 years warranty. (Ask any styrobator seller it they give you 2 years warranty LOL)

This is no brainer!

Brinsea is a Caddy, Styrobator is an overpriced Yugo
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