What kind of incubator(s) do you have....


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May 5, 2008
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What kind of incubator(s) do you have? What do you have in them at the moment,or plan to put in them?
We have 2 Little Giant still-airs,no turner,and no fan.In bator 1 we have;game eggs,4 Silver Duckwing bantam eggs(to see if fretile),2 WCBP bantam x Fawn Duckwing bantam(to check fertility & to see what I will come up with if they hatch),and 1 egg from our delaware mix x black sexlink mix/barred rock mix?(to check fertility & see what we get).They were set on 3/15/09,due on 4/04-05/09.I also collect 1 egg from our Silverlaced Wyndotte Hen x with our Buff Orp boy we got from Speckledhen last yr that I plan on setting tonight,and you guessed it,to check fertility and to see what I will get if it hatches.It will be due on 4/09-10/09.
In bator 2 we will be setting some Barred EE & some BBS Orp eggs from a friend and they should be due around 4/11-12/09.
The funny thing is,we started out with just one baby pullet(Peep-Peep),that My gf's son got her for Easter last yr.And me being me I didnt want our new addition to be lonely so I went to a nearby country store that has chickens out back and got our little girl some company............now we have 40+ birds and growing.

I love to see everyones response on what they use as I will keep yall posted on our hatching.

Happy Hatching Everyone
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Jul 15, 2008
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I just recently got a Hovabator Genesis. So far I'm loving it! My first hatch in it is due on the 27th. Out of 27 eggs originally set I have 3 that were clear, 23 developing and 1 that's iffy.


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Mar 14, 2009
I have an R-com mini 3egg incubator from brinsea. It takes only 3 med eggs (chicken/duck), 8 small, or 2 large. It controls it's own temp humidity and turning and has a feature where you select the type of bird you have in it. I love it, it's perfect for me. I just set it and leave it plus I dont hatch alot of eggs. I have 2 sebastopol goose eggs in there that are a week old. I lost power for 12 hours last night but i'm still hoping for the best..


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Sep 14, 2008
I have a Top Hatch. Great little machine with built in turner for the price. A real positive with this one is the clear lid which allows you to see everything. Draw back is the constant light flickering on and off. The turner motor was a little noisy at first but this being the third time I've used it, it's practically silent now. (Or maybe I've just learned to tune it out?)

I've got seven Sebbie eggs in it right now, three colored ones, four white ones. The colored ones are due April 6th, the others on April 13th.


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Jan 21, 2009
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I have a Hovabator 1588 with a turner.
on day 17 with 8 of my own BO cross eggs and 9 cuckoo marans .
I've done one hatch before with this bator and had 11 out of 12 of my own eggs hatch.
So, my review of this bator is favorable thus far.

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