What kind of mix do you think?


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May 13, 2012

I hatched this interesting looking fellow this past June. I believe that he is an Ameraucana/Polish cross, but not 100% certain. Any thoughts?
its possible it could be a ameraucana/polish cross, the only thing that gets me is the comb....it looks like a single, but both polish or ameraucanas dont have single combs
Ahh, I should post a pic of his comb from the front. He has a split comb like a Polish if you see him straight on.

Here's a top view of his comb.

Also, here are some photos of a hen that came from the same batch of eggs. She's possibly the ugliest hen I've ever seen and she has a personality to match.

I am scratching my head at what caused her to look like this. She hatched a gorgeous silver color. She started getting tiny patches of red around 8-10 weeks, and then around 16 weeks, the yellow feathers started coming in on her head and neck.
Yeah, her only options are Ameraucana or Polish/Ameraucana, and she doesn't appear to have any Polish traits, but that coloring is the oddest thing ever.
All I know is that these two birds are the only two caged together. One of the two of them is laying, and I really don't think that it's that Polish X (Especially since I've heard him crow-- once)

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