What kind of paint? And what color?


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Dec 2, 2009
I am going to paint my new coop this weekend before we do the wiring and stuff. So I am wondering if there is any kind or brand of paint toxic to chickens, ducks etc. Anything you would recommend from expirience?

Also, I need to pick some colors too, and it not going very well! I want it to be wacky, not something usual. Something that people will remember kinda thing. I was chatting with the guy who helped me build it and he said it would be cool to have it completely different on the outside and inside so it has an entirely different feel to it. He said you could paint the outside with a red barn theme with the white trim. And then the inside like a checkerboard with wacky, bright colors like canary yellow, hot pink etc. Any suggestions?

Oh, and one more thing. Should I paint the nest boxes and roosts?
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Just choose an outdoor paint with a somewhat shiny finish, i.e., not flat; get gloss or semi gloss. You want to be able to wash it. I have been pleased with Home Depot's Behr brand -- costs enough to be of decent quality but is not the most expensive -- I don't have a lot of experience with different brands, though, and I'm sure it's not the only acceptable one.

Painting the nest boxes is ok if you want to. DO NOT paint the roosts. They will scratch it off in no time, and meanwhile, it will make for a slippery surface. Scrape the poo off, once in a while oil them with an edible oil, or just leave them unfinished.

I doubt any paint is toxic to chickens at this point.

You're on your own with colors.
Good point ddawn! I never thought about washing it, but yes that is something I would do. I wont paint the roosts, thanks for the tip.

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