What kind of polish chick is this?


May 11, 2015
Hello!! New chicken mama here. Got my first two polish chicks, and I can't figure out what coloring one of them is!!! I've been searching the internet but can't seem to find a chick that looks like this one. It has chipmunk markings, and at 2 ½ weeks old the pattern on the wings is starting to show, but it doesn't quite look like a "laced" pattern to me. Thought I'd ask the chicken people! Any ideas?? Thank you!!

Hi, welcome to BYC!!

Congrats on your chicks!
I've never had Polish before (I REALLY want some), but there are several Polish threads. You may want to post your pictures on one of them.
It looks like it could be a gold laced Polish.
Only thing I can think of.
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Oops you guys are right, better in another thread. Sorry, newbie here! : ) I posted over in a polish thread, and if you are interested, they think it may be what is called "candy corn" or "crele" coloring. Had never heard of them, but upon googling it might be so. We'll see I guess! Thanks for the help.

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