What kind of predator?


8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
So last night I let the hens out to freerange. Well then my mom invited me to go out with her and since the foxes have been eliminated I decided to go. Well I didn't get back till like 11pm. And then I forgot to go close the door. Well at 12am I jumped out of bed and went down their. I counted only 13 of 16 chickens. I freaked out, but then went to bed knowing there was nothing I could do about it. Well I went down this morning and found only my 13 layers, 5 teens, and the 2 young EE's. But while getting water and stuff I realized just how quiet it was. My BR roo was not crowing and was looking a little odd. But I went about checking on everyone and seeing who was missing. 2 reds and a BSL. I went to check on my roo and his comb was all bloody, and his feathers matted down from the blood. He cut his comb on the wire of his pen trying to get to go help his girls. In a day or so he will go back to living with them for their protection. I also gathered yesterdays eggs and their was only ten of a supposed 13-15.

So what takes 3 chickens and eggs. I have ruled out hawks and foxes. I am leaning towards raccoon. I found no sign of the birds. It just so sad how quiet my coop is now.

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