What kind of roo should i get?


11 Years
Jan 29, 2008
S.W Pa.
My girls are all mutts.Any suggestions on what kind of roo i should git ?
My girls are about 10 months old. Are they ready for a roo ?
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ummm... a nice one
. I like my buff orp roo my moms barred rock roo was cool but a chicken if you know what I mean. lol.
well what size do you want the roo to be at if you want a large roo i recomend the langshan as well if you want him to protect his girls they make a really good rooster but not the most lovey dove as some roosters can be but not agressive
The BR roo was a good protector but also friendly. but if you see a huge black ugly bird flying into your run wouldn't you hurry up the girls into the coop? He also jumped me once when I picked up his girls. Bit my hand and boy did it hurt!

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