what kind of rooster do you think he is?


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Jul 1, 2013
i know he is a bantam but not sure what kind. my dad got him at tractor supply last spring which i think they get them from ideal poultry. he is very pretty and i have a hen just like him too. they have white ear spots and have white, gray, black, red, brown in his feathers any ideas on breed?
here is the hen

the two in the middle are the ones i want to know what breed they are.
ok so how would i distinguish between the two breeds to decide for sure which one they are im wanting to show them at the ft worth stock show next year so i need to know for sure what breed they are. i do agree after some more looking that they are either splash dutch or adnalu. thanks for the input
Chances of getting show quality chickens from TSC are very slim. You could try to find someone near you that shows chickens to guide you along in your showing career.

Another option would be to find a breeder of show quality breeding stock like the breed you think your chickens are. Maybe the breeder would critique your pair.

They are a lovely color.
Do any of the hatcheries sell bantam Andalusians? I don't think that's what they are, the body type looks off and that hen's comb is way too small to be a mature Andalusian hen.

I"m not a bantam person so can't help much beyone that, but I can say the red leakage on the male won't show well.
i know quality is best but my son is 3 will be 4 at show time next year in the open show. we just want for him to show them for the experience and to learn some responsibility and understand what it is and results of his efforts win or lose. i know he is still young but i grew up having to take care of my own horses and rabbits from the age of 5 with parents help but i want for him to have what i had with my animals and he loves his chickens and helps me with everything as he gets older we will look into more show quality birds just not now. these are just some of what we have so and i have 15 more to choose from different breeds so.

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