What kind of "table scraps" are ok to feed chicks?


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May 24, 2011
Im wondering what kind of scraps people feed chicks and chickens. Im new at this, my chicks arent even in their coop yet. Id like to give them a treat and table scraps, just afraid to try it without some examples. Thanks
I think it's easiest to list what they shouldn't eat - you can look up a full list. Raw potatoes, avocados, citrus, moldy or salty food, rhubarb leaves are all on the bad list.

My chickens love to eat:
Scrambled eggs
small amounts of plain yogurt
swiss chard leaves

Usually when something new is introduced they freak out like it's going to attack them, then one brave soul figures out it's food and a frenzy ensues
I was so excited to give my pullets strawberry tops (and a few whole berries) this morning after I hulled the berries... and at the end of the day, THEY DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH THEM! I was so disappointed. I thought it was going to be a treat!
they will..give them time!

Mine love ANYTHING given to them...

they REALLY love blueberries, bananas and strawberries...

they love fruit of almost any kind!! they dont care for lettuce yet..
I give mine everything except what I know they hate (lettuce and carrots) nothing overly salty, no onions or garlic. Pretty much everything else they gladly eat. Tater tots, strawberries (they favorite) leftover spaghetti (even just the plain noodles) ramen noodles, cantaloupe shell, eggs, bread, rolls that are about to go bad, oatmeal, leftover cream of wheat, and more. There is really not much they WONT eat, except raw carrots and lettuce. I don't give my littlest ones anything special yet though, they aren't out in the sand run yet~
Thanks so much! At least now I have an idea, and looking up what is bad to feed them is a great idea, so thanks
. Im not sure how old they are, I had an annoying employee at the feed store who couldnt offer me anything but the box to bring them home in. When I asked how old they are, her reply was "a day". well, they had had them a day. I gave up at that point. I have had them about 4 weeks now. They have lost almost all their fuzz and i noticed yesterday their heads have a bald spot and new feathers are starting to sprout. I guess I will wait until they are a little bigger to give them scraps. I really appreciate the help and I am so glad I found this site

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