What kind of waterer should I get?

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    Aug 18, 2019
    We just got our first 6 baby chicks (about 2 weeks old) yesterday and set them up in a nice comfy brooder box. Everything seems great except the water situation. I was hesitant to commit to a waterer because I figured when they move to the coop I might want to rig up a bigger and better system, but I can see that I can't wait. My question is, what kind of waterer is best and can I use the same system in the brooder as in the coop?
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    I like this...

  3. chickens really

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    I actually use fonts up on bricks and when adults or bigger I use rubber livestock bowls for water.
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    A lot of questions are weather related, like the one your asking. If you add your general location to your profile, it will help us answer questions better, because we won't need to ask where you are in the world.

    That being said, I use horizontal water nipples, they can be found on Amazon. I start the chicks on the regular chick waterers, at two weeks I introduce a pitcher that has nipples. I leave both waterers in the brooder for about 2 weeks, then take out the chick waterer. By this time most of the chicks are using both waterers, the ones that are not, usually catch on quick to use the nipples.

    If you need a heated waterer for winter, you can still use horizontal nipples. So there is no need to change what your using, just take the heat source away for summer use. I use a 250 watt stock tank deicer. It can be used to heat up to 25 gallons and can be used in plastic containers.

    Here are a few of my waterers that I use and a link for my heated waterer.


    Brooder waterer
    brooder horizontal nipple waterer.jpg

    Five gallon with deicer inside
    heateded waterer 2.jpg

    14 gallon drum with 8 nipples
    14 gallon waterer.jpg
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    I use a quart waterer in brooder. 20180909_141448.jpg .
    In the coop I use a galvanized fount sitting on flagstone. Winter it sits on a heated base. 20181021_091815.jpg . Outside I use pails. 20190422_091804-2.jpg and in hot weather I also use pans. 20190820_132300_resized.jpg . In winter I replace pails with a rubber bowl. 20190131_130052.jpg . GC
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    Blackdog, I got that same barrel and nipples from Amazon and love it. Those nipples thread good into that one gallon jug? The plastic for it seems a bit thin to grab well.
  7. blackdog043

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    Yes, they thread in good and I don't have a problem with any leaking. The plastic is plenty thick enough. I use an 11/32 drill bit when I install nipples and don't use any sealant on the threads.

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