what kinda pullet?

Ole rooster

8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
Milner, Georgia
About a week ago I bought 7 pullets and a rooster. It's really obvious what most are, but the one I'm really confused about now is the black one. I was told when I bought that the black puller was a black sex link. Well I was reading on Wikipediea about the colors and such of the different breeds. The one I have does not read like the sexlink. She is colored like what is explained to be the Black Australorp. All black with a blue/greenish sheen to the ends of her feathers. The first night I got them home she was the crazy one. Now she's the first one to go to roost. What's the best way to know what she is?

Ok this is one of the pics I got. Can you tell anything from this?
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Post pictures and I am sure that many people will help you figure out what she is.

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