What looks like meat inside chicken coop

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  1. Hello
    I am one of those people that worries myself stupid about my animals, have been searching the internet for 2 hours about this problem but can't find anything. Hope you guys can help, even to tell me I am just being over concerned!

    Right, about a month ago I aquired 4 ex-batt hens, approx 2 years old.
    All fine, until yesterday.
    Ivy didn't eat any food in the morning with the others, had very watery poo most of the day. When let outside, didn't forage around with the others, isolated self and had her head tucked in with eyes closed. Offered her some corn, still wouldnt eat but drinking well. In afternoon she began pecking at the ground again (a little anyway) and ate a small amount of bread soaked in yoghurt.
    This morning, much perkier and pecking at ground straight away, didnt eat pellets but did drink. She did 1 watery poo and 1 brown soft, but formed poo (cecal poo?) and it stunk!!
    In the coop, I found something that looked like raw meat paste, a fair amount, I tried to retrieve but but another hen got there first and ATE it!!! I have no idea what this pink mush is, only that I know hens may shed intestinal lining or maybe worms?
    I began worming them today for that 7 day course as a precaution as I dont know if previous owners did or not. As Ivy isnt eating I have put some Verm-X in the water as I know she is drinking.
    Can anyone suggest what on earth might be going on?
    Thanks for listening!!

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    Sorry hear this but you have one sick chick. Hopefully someone who's dealt with an issue like this or someone with greater experience will reply soon. Nothing wrong with worrying about your chickens health.
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  4. M.sue

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    May 29, 2011
    This is very informative information but at the same time the pics are pretty gross should I say. Glad I checked it out cause I never heard of such a thing as Lash.

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