What makes a "Good Pasture"

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by MissJames, Jan 26, 2009.

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    I've been reading everything I can find on goats,especially feeding.I frequently see referenced "if you have a good pasture" .We have centipede grass with areas that have more weeds,mostly dandelions. Also I've read that it's not recommended to free range chickens in the same pasture because the goats could get worms,yet I see tons of pics with goats and chickens together. Chickens have been all over our yard.
    If we cleared more land for goats ,what would you recommend we plant?
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    "Good pasture" usually relates to the soil being fertile (not 'used up' or poor sand or eroded down to mostly clay), and of good tilth (not real compacted), and with a good population of desirable pasture plants and not too awful huge many weeds.

    Goats aren't really a grazing critter, are they? I thought they were more browsers. So you mostly just need soemthing that will keep the ground covered and in decent shape, rather than actually nutritionally supporting them?

    Are there *really* worms that goats get that chickens get too?? Some people fear coccidia, but they are totally species-specific -- chicken coccidia won't affect goats and vice versa.

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    It is like Pat said, goats browse so they like bushes. They are great for clearing land of brush. If you want to plant things for them, you will have to plant a lot of it because they will probably eat it as fast as you can plant it. It works out a lot better if you have an established brush land that you want cleared out.

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