What mix of breeds are these chickens?

ChickenGirl 19

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Jul 27, 2012
BC, Canada
Early in the summer, I got chickens. The people we got them from never said what mix of breeds they are. It's not so much a necessity to know the possible mix of breeds, But I'm curious. They all have peachy coloured legs except the rooster who has peachy-pink, and the black hen who has black legs. I think the bottom of their feet is light pink, but I'm not sure. They started laying this year. If it helps, the white one with purple is very noisy. The purple, green/blue and orange on the backs of three birds are fake, but the brown and black on another is real.

Sorry they aren't the best photos, I had to use my bad camera. I would have taken more, but it ran out of battery.

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