What month do mature guinea hens begin to lay?


10 Years
Oct 13, 2009
Western NY
I live in Western NY and I have two guinea hens that are over a year old. They get into the nest boxes and chatter away but don't lay eggs. They've been doing this since mid February. They laid eggs regularly last Fall. Will they lay anytime soon?
Guineas are seasonal layers/breeders... Spring thru Fall. When they start laying varies, due to temps/weather/climate, the amount of sunlight they get etc. My older Hens usually start a little later in the Spring than young pullets/1st timers do, but my guess is they should start laying any time soon.

If they are let out to free range, they may already be laying eggs out in the bushes or tall grass somewhere tho. It's not that common for Guinea Hens to choose to lay in nest boxes if they have a choice to find their own private spot, usually in a well shaded place that's secluded and private.

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