what now? still have eggs unhatched plus 'newer' eggs>cleaning bator?

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    Dec 8, 2012
    one viable chick out of the four that hatched (the last chick shrink wrapped but was also not developed, also had eye issues.)
    still have eggs unhatched from that batch; what should i do with them? i dont want burst egg mess in the incubator since its more or less in a sort of closet room off of our salon.
    now i also have a group of eggs from the 17 to the 19 of december, basically all of them were put in when we actually got the temps working steadily . i candled today for the first time and alls i see are dark eggs and they all have basically the same air cell size. forgot to mark and check with the air cell diagram to 'age' the egg in reality. only one egg was clear thru.

    now, the water in teh incubator is disgusting from the previous hatchings.the whole house smells like a hatchery . is there a way to at least remove teh bottom of the incubator and leave the eggs in a container with the heating and fan section on top, so i can wash out and possibly bleach the bottom. i could do it in about 15 minutes since bleach evaporates if using hot water. i know that eggs can be left un heated for a short amount of time, and they would be insulated/

    so what do u all say?

    should i eggtopsy the other eggs? or just trash them.?
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    Mar 30, 2012
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    Are the other eggs at day 23 or over ? then just pitch them unless you want to eggtospy
    An eggtopsy on them will hellp tell you what went wrong.
    As long as they are not on lockdown i think the pothers will be fine Hens get off the nest for they say hours and they eggs are ok. If others are all dark they seem to be close to hatch day 16 17? As long as its not 18 -21 do it.... 15 minutes is ok.
    *******Just reread...these are on day 20? and 18..?
    .I WOULDNT do it then
    .Let it be stinky a few more days wont kill them.I ahve had about half myhatches start on day 20,.You may shrinkwrap more if you do it.Just grit your teeth ahd let it be.I have had this tool.it is stink and blah but better to let them hatch first.
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    I agree with the above post.

    Make a small hole in the fat ends of the unhatched eggs and shine a flash light in there to check for signs of life before opening it fully. I've had eggs hatch as late as day 25! There may still be a live chick or 2 in there.
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    I would at this stage Candle and Tap OVERDUE EGGS and if no external pipping has occured..

    CANDLE & Tap!
    Candle and look for an internal pip. Pencil mark the air cell,

    Below is what an internal pip it looks like.
    The beak is thrust through the inner membrane into the air cell.


    Tap with your fingernail GENTLY on the air cell and hold to your ear, Can you hear a peep?

    This guide is assisted hatch, however it has information on the proces of checking your egs for viability FOLLOW ALL STEPS!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HELP UNLESS YOU ARE POSITIVE ITS TIME, READ the information FIRST!
    And follow this guide through its important you read the first part to understand what is going on in the egg... https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/step-by-step-guide-to-assisted-hatching
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    Dec 8, 2012
    no peeping or cheeping; but i guess will eave them alone... hope those eggs will hatch alright, or at least one. number one chick is lonely. we put in a mirror and a stuffed sock curved around, so that it can snuggle in a corner if it wants (thats how it sleeps)...
    today out
    of now where, a friend called me to say he closed down his mini petting area of our big amusement park , since it cost too much to provide steady feed for about 30 'baladi' chickens, so he sold the whole group (he didnt think of me before that, or i would have gotten a few smaller reddish/rusty coloured hens), and was left with half a sack of chick food (which looks awfully similar to the layer feed). so hopeing the eggs will hatch/ ill wait until the 25 day before even checking them ... learned lessons.i suspect that these eggs too will be in delayed hatching and with defects . now if only we dont have a power failure tonite or tomorrow, since we are haveing a rain storm, which for us is the equivalent of a blizzard for other areas... everything comes to a stop, power lines down, flooding in train stations, our central heating doesnt work once temps fall below a certain amount (like around 3 celsius), we have some sleet and the entire area breaks down... so ive wrapped the chick brooder with towels in the evenings, and the bator also...

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