What on earth is the deal with my incubator??


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Aug 22, 2010
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I have one of the styrofoam incubators, and it is pretty old, about ten or twelve years old. I just replaced the wafer in it before starting what WOULD have been this hatch, and it seems like the problem has only gotten worse. Before I replaced the wafer, I was having trouble with the temp running high, around 101-102F. Now after replacing it, the temp has been running around 106-107F!! I have turned it down several times, cranked it way around in the "down" direction, and it has not made any difference at all in the temp. The really annoying thing is, it stayed nice and steady at 98F for a full 24 hours before I put the eggs in. Two days after I put the eggs in, the temp skyrocketed. I have tried shutting the turner off and turning them by hand, it hasn't helped.
Could it just be time to pitch this incubator and get a new one? I don't know how long a "life" these models usually have, but I would have thought changing the wafer should have helped it. Does anyone have any experience with these incubators, or just general advice? I am sooo frustrated right now, I have some really nice eggs in there. I need to take them out and pitch them I guess, I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet.
Only by two or three degrees mabye. We keep our thermostat set at 68F during the day, 65F at night. That is the same way we had it set during the 24 hour period before I added the eggs, too. Oh, and I forgot to mention this before, I don't know how much difference it makes, but this is a still air incubator.
Is it a still air or has a fan been added?
Brand and model?
Room temp and is it fluctuating?
When it was steady at 98F, was the turner in and running?

There are lots of variables that could be an issue. Also, double check your wafer installation, just to be on the safe side.
Somehow, we'll get ya through this!
Are u sure it is not ur thermometer? It would take a while for the temp to come down from 106. If mine rises too much I turn it till light goes out and continue the process until I have the right temp. Maybe its the heating element instead of the wafer.
what was it doing for you to replace the wafer?
could the snap switch be sticking?
Most of the time when I add eggs 2 or 3 days later it might rise a little, I think because the eggs get warm all the way through & it changes it some, if its a hovabator dont trash it, all it is, is a thermostat, heating element, & styrofoam box & a PC fan all of the parts are replaceable, & cheaper than buying another one, hovabators are good little bators, I have a older mod. I think a 1602n but not for sure, & it works great, using it now, dont give up on it.
Room temp is 68F. Yes, it is a still air, and I actually have no clue what model etc it is, I have had it for so many years. Pretty sure it is a Hovabator. I have no idea how to check the installation of the wafer honestly, DH and I just guessed at how to install it in the first place. The thermometer should be fine, I have used it several times before and it agrees with another thermometer of the same kind that I have. I am pretty sure I had the turner on and running during the 24 hour test period, I remember thinking that it needed to be on so I would know if it was heating the thing up or not.
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i think, if it were me, i would replace complete thermostat and try agian. the turner motor shouldnt be getting that hot unless its going bad or in a bind.

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