What on earth would a teacher do with a picture of a student?


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May 8, 2009
I may have won Homecoming Freshman Princess for our school this year.
My teacher, Mrs. W. (whom you may have heard about before) must not have been feeling too well, because she didn't come to the game, and I can tell she really wanted to. Anyway, I was so dissapointed. I really like her. She's very sweet and cares about all of her students, so, naturally, I enjoy her. I really wanted her to come. I thought it would be a fun thing, but oh well. This morning, I walked into her class, and the first thing she said was, "_____, I want pictures." I was kind of surprised she was talking to me, becaue I totally wasn't paying attention. It took me a minute to figure out that she was talking to me and that she was talking about Homecoming. Soon after, the bell rang, and I forgot all about that. I had to concentrate on the class, after all. When I went to bring my teacher my worksheet, though, she said, "So you wore the blue dress?" Obviously, in the middle of an English class, my head filled with verbs, participles, and gerunds, I had no clue what she was talking about. After a minute, though, I nodded, blushing a little. "Yeah." I replied. "Congratulations." She smiled warmly at me. "Well, I'd like pictures. Preferably some I can keep." She said. It was sweet, but a little while later, I began to wonder. What on earth is my English teacher going to do with a picture of me in a dress and high heels? I'm getting the sense she really likes me. Still, though, what could she do with it? :hmm
I would just go with your gut feeling on this. Do you think that the teacher wants the photo for inappropriate reasons or is it innocent? My mom is a teacher and she has photos of favorite students and keeps in touch with former ones.
I would agree. HOWEVER, never ever (young lady!) ignore your "gut instinct." Perhaps the polite thing to do would be to have Mom Or Dad e-mail them to her.
I agree...some teachers want pics of "certain students" but if you feel uncomfortable, go with your gut. If you're just wondering if it is appropriate, it is, unless you feel that it isn't.

Does that make sense? You said you wanted her to go, and were disappointed that she didn't make it. She obviously knew it was important to you, and wanted a picture so she could make you understand that it was also important to her, too. Teachers do have pictures of their students. Some of my boys' teachers have asked for their football cards. They are excited that the teacher wants them. I know our FFA teacher has a bulletin board that is outlined in pics of various students. So, it probably isn't weird.

Still, don't give it if you think it's weird.

Nah. I highy doubt it was meant as inappropriate. She likes me and I really like her. She's one of my favorite teachers. he's very swet. I can;t imagine why she wants it, but she probably just wants to see pictures since she wasn't there. She's pregnant. One of my teaches was delicately explaining to me the other day that Mrs. W hasn't been feeling so great lately in the afternoons, so that's why she wasn't at the game. I bet she really did want to be there. It just stinks she couldn't come. She sort of apologized, too. I think she knows I'm disapointed, but I have no idea why she'd want to keep the pictures...
Most kids have pics taken at dances like that and tend to give them to their friends, favorite teachers, etc. She was just being friendly. She seriously won't be disappointed if you don't give it to her. It is no big deal either way.


Teacher who has been given dozens of pictures over the past decade

ETA: I have been reading your threads about her and it seems like you are seeking a connection. Maybe that is why you are reading a little more into the picture?
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Well that makes me feel better.

Believe it or not, but a lot of former teachers and students have kept in touch after graduating, and are friends. It's not unusual. I remember a few years back Oprah Winfrey had her favorite teacher on her show. It was a real tear-jerker. Everyone has a special teacher that really makes an impact, and vice-versa. Some kids really make an impression on teachers and they want to keep in touch and see that they realize their dreams.


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