What other breed can I match-up with my Chinese gander?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by GooseyMcGee, Mar 19, 2013.

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    I have a male White Chinese goose who is looking for a mate. He has already had another chinese goose and an african goose for a mate but they have been killed by coyotes (Poor geese). Both of those breeds are very loud. What other breeds of goose will his pick as a mate?
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    geese arent picky as far as domestic birds go so any female goose you get would be accepted by him. However cross breeding just any other breed with him isnt always a good idea since you need to be sure there is a market for such a cross. If you are just looking for a friend then you can even have another gander to live and graze with the gander you have now.
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    I WISH your were closer, I need a good home for a Giant Dewlap Toulouse hen, she is large enough to be happy with your gander. she needs to have a gander who wants her, the ganders I have are very laid and not very attentive. :-(
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    My Chinese male Lucifer has had offspring with Embden and Chinese so far. As was mentioned earlier domestic geese aren't that fussy as who they mate with. It is all compatability . Just like us humans I guess :). As soon as I find my DVD I will post some pics of my crosses I had in the past.
    As quick as I hatch them out people overwhelm me with their wants and never have any geese left over from these hatches. I do find the males have the upper hand with the colorings, nothing spectacular but a few patches of feathers around the bellies, under wings,necks. I do stay in contact with those I have swapped or sold geese to so I can get colorings straightened away. Most do not bother to give me progress reports so I no longer sell to them or swap.

    My goal in life is to try as many different crosses I can with my geese as well as chickens. A lot of work and there can't be hiccoughs in the genes. Purebred 1 with purebred 2 = ? Long process... Steve

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