What other breeds go well with Buff Orpingtons??


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Oct 25, 2012
I am just a beginner in this huge exciting world of owning chickens. I currently live on a farm and am very interested in buying some more chickens. As of right now I have a Roohster and a Hen both are Buff Orpingtons and are not quite a year old yet. If any one has any suggestions it would be great. I am interested in mutlipurpose chickens and I live in a hot/cold climate. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
There's really no specific answer to that question. If you're looking for dual purpose chickens, there are several breeds to choose from. I recommend Dominique, Speckled Sussex, Easter Egger, Brahma, Barred Rock. Many of the heritage breeds are dual purpose. Welcome to the chicken world! Please get yourself a few easter egger gals just for the blue and green eggs!
Thank you so much for your reply!
One Barred Rock was the first one to accept our Buff Orph when she arrived, but the other Barred Rock was mean. I think it depends on the personality of the bird. Our BO is at the bottom of the pecking order.
Agree about the barred rocks and EEs, and would also recommend black Australorps, which are similar to BOs. If you are looking for productive layers, check out any of the sex links and New Hampshires. Nice temperaments on all of these, but I'm not sure about cold hardy. My experience is with hatchery stock.

Welcome to BYC!
Chicken are a wonderful addition to farm life and can become quite addictive.
We are fairly new to chickens, just started our flock this year. We currently have a wide variety (listed in my signature) and they get along just fine. We added a pair of Buff Orpington hens recently and they have integrated with the rest of the flock without any trouble. We are keeping chickens for eggs.
I have 2 Barred Rocks, 1 Golden Comet and 1 Buff Orph. They all get along fine. There is always an adjustment period when integrating until they have established a pecking order. Keep us posted which breed you get.
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