What outdoor overnight temps are ok without heat lamp?


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6 Years
Mar 7, 2013
Oregon Coast
I have six 7 week old chicks that are ready to go outdoors, but the nights here are still in the 40's. Would their coop need a heat lamp? Thanks!
I put mine out at 6 weeks. I live in Michigan and yesterday was 68 and today we woke up with snow on the ground. I have a shelter and heat lamp for the pullets and they have all stayed warm and dry. It got down in the 20s and they were all okay in the morning. I don't know where you live OP, but I would keep it on just in case it gets colder one night.
Thanks folks! I live on the Oregon Coast and it is pretty mild year round. I am going to keep them in the coop for a week as also recommended. My chicks and I thank you very much!:)

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