What Q do I need to ask before I buy a Cream Legbar?


Nov 3, 2020
Atlanta GA
I've never really cared about breeds before, but if I'm gunna do this, I wanna do it right.

I dont have a ton of information but I have a couple pictures.


The "olive blue eggs" in the incubator are them. Brown egg is XL store egg for size comparision. And he said they are indeed auto sexing.

I'm wondering what I need to specifically look at before I make a decision. I'm not looking for show birds, but I dont want to buy a blatant mix just because I'm uninformed. I would like to ultimately sell blue eggs and pullets to other backyard chicken tenders.

Can I assume if it comes out of a blue egg that it will lay blue eggs? I'm guessing not because nothing is that simple.

Are their specific things I need pictures of in the parents to help yall help me better?

Obviously I will quarentine the chicks from my flock, but what questions should I be asking about his flock before I take day old chicks? I assume he does not vaccinate for Mareks (as that's a small incubator lol) but I dont either so that would be ideal.

Thanks for your help!

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