What Quail Breed to Raise?


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I am thinking of starting to raise quails and I`m wondering what would be an good breed to start out with. I know where I can get button quails are they a good breed?
Thank you in advance for the help.
What to raise will depend on your situation and reasons for raising quail.
Do you want pets, eggs, or meat?
How much space do you have?
What area/climate are you in?

Button quail are great for pets but if you are intending to use them as a meat bird they are quite small, as are their eggs if you would like laying birds. They also don't weather cold well without shelter if you don't have a warm barn or shed to keep them in and have harsh winters.

More information will provide a better answer, but I hope that helps some!

I was hoping to raise them so that I could breed more and then sell them. I also may be interested in their meat though. I have two fairly large pens that would accomadate them. Our winters can be harsh but I could always provide a heat lamp for them if that works.
BTW, thank you for not replying in lime green. Here is a link you should check out. The links on that page have some good information. The Coturnix Quail, aka Japanese Quail is a good beginner quail, and there is lots of info there; Bobwhites, Mearns, Mountain and other new world quail are a little more difficult to raise.
Good luck.
For meat purposes I would think coturnix/Japanese quail or bobwhites would be a better choice, this will depend a bit on the space you have available and how many you hope to be dealing with at once. The coturnix need a minimum of a mere 1 square foot per bird once out of the brooder and I've heard bobwhite need about 3 square feet per bird, but I haven't kept or researched them as much so someone else could tell you more accurately on the bobwhites.

Another thing to keep in mind for breeding is that you will need an incubator, I know coturnix with not go broody and hatch their own eggs and I believe the same is true of domestic bobwhite? I have not seen anyone mention hatching their bobwhite other than in an incubator but I could be off on that one. Again, not my species.

Also the market you would be trying to sell to would affect which bird would sell better. Coturnix are often chosen for eggs and pets as well as meat, where as the bobwhites are less for either of those (bigger bird but smaller eggs and less tame from all I've read) but are a larger meat bird and often popular for stocking hunting land and training hunting dogs. Which would be more desirable in your area would be a good starting place if your main goal is selling them.

Naturally the type that appeals to you most to keep is an important factor too! I would look at the appearance and behavior of each type and see which you think you would enjoy keeping as well. I listened to the 'crow' of coturnix on youtube videos before we got ours to see how loud it was and if the sound would drive me crazy. So far I find it very soothing, but our boys are still young and just starting to crow.

Are the existing pens you have fairly enclosed or more open wire cages? If they're enclosed a lamp may be perfectly fine for the winter. Another thought, if the pens were used for other birds before be sure to thoroughly sanitize them before you put quail in them. Quail don't have immunity to things certain other birds carry without showing signs, especially chickens.

Good luck,again I hope my research so far is of some help, quail are a lot of fun to learn about and start up with!

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