What sexes are my 5 1/2 week old Mystery Chooks


9 Years
Apr 13, 2012
These are my 5 1/2 week old mystery chicks. I was wondering what your ideas are on sex. I am almost certain on 2, but not too sure on the other 2.

This is Simon.


Penguin who came from a blue egg!!!

Sandy who is a Marans of some sort. Probably splash.

Hope you can help?

I thought that Simon and Sandy were both cockerels based on the size and colour of the comb and wattles, but Penguin and Cocoa are both still flesh coloured. Simon is much bigger than the other 3 who all hatched on 8th April (Easter Sunday in the UK)!!!!. The lady I got the eggs from (for eating but I decided to experiment in incubating instead) has all pure breeds, but the hen all run with various pure breed cockerels, so will be a mixture. Sandy is definately a Marans as he/she came from a dark brown egg and has feathered legs!
I am sure they are all "mutts" or "cross breeds" as we call them here. I have an idea of their crossed parentage, but more interested in the gender as I cannot keep any more cockerels so will have to re-home them. I am a vegetarian and dispatching would never be an option for me. I would rehome them at cost to me if necessary. I have loved the experience and would do it again. Very grateful for all your input :)
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