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Nov 18, 2009
Lugoff, SC
I have noticed in the last week or so that my birds are acting aggressively toward each other. I don't mean exhibiting pecking or cannibalistic behavior, just being pushy and grumpy and acting "the bully". At first I saw 3 of my australorps being boorish/thuggish, then I saw a BSL and BPR doing it and today it looked like an old Battle Royale in the old NWA!!
"Wahoo is taking it to Ric Flair and, OH! Ricky Steamboat off the top rope and covers Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka...the crowd goes wild!!!

...but I digress: These birds are 4 weeks old and very healthy and happy. They are active, eating and drinking well. They nap, preen, climb, jump, flap, peck, scratch, POOP, and roost. They are very strong when I hold them. 30 live in a brooder 2.5' x 5', and I know that I will change/separate some to another brooder for another 2 weeks when the tractor is done and they can tolerate the chill of early spring.

Is this behavior due to overcrowding? I tend to think that is the first and best solution... you guys agree?
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Yes. Some time outside in the fresh air with other things to peck at, other than each other, would probably do them a world of good too.
On the one hand, they are just getting to the age where they DO start chest-butting and kung-fu leaps at each other and so forth, so some of the ramminess may just be them becoming athletic adolescents itchin' for an excuse.

On the other hand that is a LOT of chicks in not much brooder space. If it were me I'd get them larger quarters pronto before larger or more permanent problems/habits developed

Good luck, have fun,


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