What SHOULD be in chicken feed?

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    Apr 15, 2011
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    So we are using the Purina chick starter right now. When I was looking at the Layena, the third ingredient is soy. I checked the Zamzows layer feed and the second ingredient is soy. I know that chickens should not have a vegetarian diet and that they should not have soy. So what should be in chicken feed? Is there a link with a comprehensive list of feeds and ingredients? What do you use for your layers, and what do you recommend?
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    might have fun with this website, but I don't know if it will answer your questions.

    here's another fun one

    I mix my own feed and buy organic layer pellets for treats (organic chick starter for chicks too). That way my soy is at least organic. My feed mix has no soy (see my BYC page if you wish).

    Where I live, there are soy-free bagged feeds available from local vendors. You might search your area for a feed mill or ask your feed store what is available.
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    Where are you that your Layena tag actually has ingredients listed instead of Grain products, plant protein products etc.?? Most tags are pretty generic.

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