What should I do about BALDY?


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Long Island, New York
Poor little Freda, my RIR is as bald as a bowling ball! The roo is biting her head while doing his "thing" so often and has left her looking so pathetic. She gets a little bloody and scabby at times too. Margaret, my BA is starting to look similar now too. I put some pine tar on Freda's head today, but it didn't seem to be deterring the rooster. I also noticed that when the rooster is doing his "thing," Alma the EE who is the head hen will come over and peck poor little Freda in the head, like she's jealous or something. So she's being bitten, molested and pecked all at the same moment. Other than this, there is no pecking going on. Any suggestions? Will this just resolve on its own over time, or should I separate her for a while?
You either need to separate your roo off from the hens or separate the hen off. You need to feed your hen lots of high protien food. Like sunflower seeds, and cat food, and maybe even switch her over to chick starter, because it has more protien. How cold is it where you are? If it is still pretty cold then you might want to put a heat lamp in with your hen to help her stay warm. Hope this helps.
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I have been giving them lots of sunflower seeds because I have noticed that baldy is picking feathers from two of the others' butts and eating them. It's not very cold here now. About 40 degrees. Should I keep reaplying the pine tar? HOw often?
Well, try giving her a hand full of cat food every now and then. You probably need to remove your rooster, until your hens get all their feathers back.
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You could also get another 15 or 20 hens so that the rooster could spread his lovin around, but he would still have his favorites.

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