What should I do for a bite wound?


11 Years
May 23, 2008
Jonesborough, TN
A dog from down the road just grabbed my favorite chicken out of my flower bed while I was giving my baby a bottle. My husband chased the dog home and brought Daisy back. She is still alive but there is a pretty big wound under her wing. She is limping (if you could even call it that) on that side but I'm not sure if her leg is broken or if its just because of the wound. What can I do for her? Right now, I've got her in a cardboard box. Should I just leave the wound alone and see what happens?
Oh no! We had a hen wrangle with an oppossom, but she survived, and now is a Naked Neck Rhode Island Red with one bum wing. Helps out with identification and escape attempts. I couldn't get ointment on her, so she just toughed it out. Good Luck. I would think keeping her safe until she heals would help.
basic first aid.

stop bleeding; alcohol or H2O2 sanitize when bleeding stops; cut feathers back to get some air at it; bandage and clean & sanitize would daily; duct tape or tie down limbs that might open wound.

you might google for a www.webvet or something and see if there is a painkiller that could be portioned down (like giving an old dog 1/4 of an ibuprofin). make sure it won't poison the chicken though.

it is probably hard to see this, but i'll bet that chicken would take your trying to help and care for it rather than have been left with that dog

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