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    Hi guys! I have a few showman ship/breed chickens for 4-h. All 3 are bantoms, I have one white leghorn, and two black old English. Fair Is coming up in April and I just want to be prepared. The guy I bought them from spraid some mite poisen under there wings etc. but what type of mite poisen should I use, where should I get it. I looked at tractor supply but all they had was mite Poisen for horses, like, "for this many pounds, mix this much of it" but I just want some that is not harmful to the chicken. That is trusty. People use diotamatious-earth that they dust bath in but I want something that will kill the mites. Any suggestions please, every thing is appreciated, thank you! [​IMG][​IMG]

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    Permethrin (Permectin II, Poultry and Garden Dust) is safer than some others such as Sevin dust or spray. You can find permethrin at most farm stores and TCS.I would make sure that they really have mites before treating them, and taking infested or sick birds to a fair is not a very good thing. They can spread them to other birds. Here are some good links to know what to look for, and how often to treat (usually every 5-7 days until mites are no longer seen.)

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