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Lalo Moreno

Jun 7, 2017
i set 12 eggs today is Day 23 and one hatched earlier today the rest haven’t pipped. However the hatchling is kicking the other eggs around constantly. Will this affect the rest? Anyone have any experience with this?
It is common for chicks to play soccer with their siblings.
I wouldn't expect many more to hatch since it sounds like the temperature was low throughout.

The temps were around 99-101 i just noticed another one has pipped. Should I remove the chick when it’s ready or do I wait for the other to hatch and dry so they can go together?
Keep the chick in there till others hatch. Opening the incubator after pipping usually causes shrink wrapped chicks unless your house is at 70% humidity.
If chicken eggs hatch on day 23, your thermometers are wrong.

Thermometers and thermostats are notorious for being inaccurate. People don't realize that until they try to incubate.
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Glad you've seen some progress. Did you calibrate your thermometer before incubating? I'm just asking because a late hatch usually does indicate lower temperatures.

No I didn’t I’ve used it before for other things never knew it was inaccurate. It was reading 101 most of the time so I presumed it was correct. Guess it’s my time for having so much trust in a 20 dollar peice is equipment. How Can I calibrate it for future use?
I’ve inserted 5 different thermometers through one of the small ventilation holes in my incubator. They are all reading the same 100-101 degrees. Unless all of them are inaccurate the temps seem to be right. I even used one of those lazer ones I use for my grill.
Most infrared thermometers are only supposed to be accurate to 3F at best.
Are you measuring at mid egg level, at the top of the egg or higher?
There will be a 1+ F disparity at every 3/4" elevation in the incubator.

Whatever they SEEM to be, you can calibrate your thermometers by how long it takes your eggs to hatch. Almost without fail, if they hatch before 21 days, temps are high, if they hatch late, temps are low.

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