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May 3, 2020
I have seen this chicken get this red bump under her and I don't know if i should be worried? I have kept an eye on her to see if it goes away but it hasn't. She doesn't seem to act out of the normal? She is eating and acting like any other chicken. Her eggs also don't seem to be odd or anything? Is there anything I could or should do?


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She looks like she is being feather picked. They can do that even on a roost in the evening if they can reach each other. You might want to try pine tar or Nustock cream on the red spot, since they taste bad. Those are found in the horse aisle of many feed stores. BluKote spray which is blue dying and hides the red, may also work. Make sure they have enough room, are getting a balanced chicken feed with 16-20% protein, and that they cannget outside to roam daily.

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