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Jun 12, 2008
I started off with three chicks and that was great. I didn't want any roosters..just hens. Well eventually i added more chickens and two of them are roosters. One of the roosters is about a year old and the other will be a year in November. The older one is really aggressive. He has attacked everyone in the house except for the baby. We even think he killed two of our hens. It was the final straw for him last night when he attacked me 4 times while I had the baby on my hip. That little bugger wouldn't quit! So Dh thinks we should cook him up. I was ok with that. I'm worried though now because I don't want any other hens/roo to be attacking us again. We also have a baby chick that one of our hens hatched and another one that will be hatching soon. Poor silkie couldn't protect the baby and so I made the other chickens get away from them. I guess what I'm saying is that this is much harder than I thought. I'm afraid for my kids and don't know if getting rid of one mean roo will help or not. I'm not sure if I want to get rid of all of them or just keep the original 3 plus the chick. Not to mention that we have been getting only 1-2 eggs per day and we have 6 hens!
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I have only had one mean rooster in the 7 years I've had chickens. He became mean overnight really not sure what did it. I went in to fill their water and he came from behind and latched onto my leg. I booted him across the run and the next day we made soup. Since then I have been through many roosters and have never had another mean one. My grandparents who have a farm in Germany have the opposite. It seems every rooster they get becomes aggressive and mean. It really depends on the individual rooster I guess. I wouldn't give up on the others just because of this one mean rooster though. You may never come across a mean one again. Hope it all goes well.
Forgot to say that the younger roo has ran after my baby and he somehow bit the pug on the butt and held on while the pug was running around the yard.
I would start with the first rooster and if the younger ones behavior doesn't change cook him up too. You don't need a rooster at all really unless you want to hatch babies. If your older rooster would attack the chickens that could be the reason for bad egg productivety too. See if they lay more with him gone and more peace.
Some breeds have a tendency to be more aggressive than others. If you decide you want a more docile roo just do a little research before you get another one. That is if you ever decide you want more. It's tough sometimes, but don't give up. Try to remember why you wanted them in the first place. Hope it gets better for ya.

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