What should I do??????

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12 Years
Apr 18, 2011
Today we built a coup/run for our 6 week old ee's. They
have been in the bigger coup for a few days, bringing them in at night(while the leghorns free ranged, sort of borrowed their coup and run just to get the ee's used to being outside.)
They seemed to love it!
Tonight , for the first time, we put them in their own coup, they walked down to the pen. We just ent out to put them all to bed, and
the ee's are crying like babies. They wrer in a corner in their pen, and I put them in the coup.
Closed the door.

Should we let them cry (peep loudly) or bring them in the house ??????
That's not it...They have had no heat lamp for a week now.
It is a very mild night. There should be no problem....

My husband just walked out and said they are quiet now.
I quess it was just a little shocking????
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