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6 Years
Mar 1, 2013
Right now I have 1 BJG roo, 1 RIR pullet, 2 EE pullets, 1 EE roo, 1 Buff Orp roo, 1 Buff Orp Pullet, and one unidentified breed pullet. I am going to sell the EEs and BJG and keep the RIR, BOs and unidentified pullet. But I don't know what breed to replace them with. I want to have 8 chickens. I can't decide between an egg laying non-broody breed such as Leghorns or an egg laying broody breed such as Black Australorps. I was also thinking Barred Rocks. I was thinking that if I wanted to hatch eggs, the BO pullet could do it. What are you all's suggestions?
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Cochin, sweet and if you treat them with treats and love theywill lay more eggs then they should... my cochins lay about 5 eggs a week and boy are they fat little piggies... but they can be very broody

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