What should I feed?


May 14, 2020
I’ve owned chickens for about 5 years now, and the only thing I’ve feed them (other than the occasional scraps and mealworms) is just chicken feed and grit. I haven’t put anything in their water either. I was wondering if I should start putting stuff in their water, and feeding them other things on a daily in edition to their chicken food. They aren’t sick or anything, however I’ve seen other owners feed them more things with their chicken food. Do you have any suggestions on what I can add, if I should? Thanks!


Free Ranging
6 Years
Jul 26, 2016
Connecticut, USA
Your feeding style sounds good, chickens are healthy.

I only add a vitamin supplement to water when I get day old Chicks, for 10 days. Although @aart does give Electrolytes weekly during hot weather. I may buy some for emergencies.

I give my Hens unlimited access to Chicken feed, Oyster Shells, Granite Grit, and water, each in separate containers.
I give Scratch Grains as a treat daily, scattered in their pen.
I also let them free range an hour before sunset daily, weather permitting.

Here they find their own bugs and fresh greens. GC

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