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Mar 4, 2012
Hey, I found someone local selling straight run chicks. He says they're Aracaunas (but I won't be surprised if they're Americaunas or EEs). They're 3-4 weeks old. He doesn't know how to sex chicks but does have some nice breeds (Black Jersey Giants, "Aracaunas", and a few Marans - I can't remember the type though) Anyway, I'm going out there tomorrow afternoon and was just wondering if y'all can give me any pointers on what to look for in the Aracaunas to get females. I don't mind if they're EE's or Americaunas instead, as long as they lay blue to green eggs. I have free range chickens for the eggs and occasionally for the freezer. I'm looking for tips, tricks, hints, etc. of what to look for to get female chicks at 3-4 weeks of age for Aracaunas. I've seen some EE chicks on here but I know true Aracaunas as a little different and I'm having trouble finding the info I'm looking for to help me make a "best guess" when I go to pick them out tomorrow afternoon. Pictures of Aracaunas male & female at 3-4 weeks of age would be a great help for me too! Thanks so much!


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Nov 18, 2010
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araucanas are rumpless and dont have beards.

If your wanting blue/green eggs, pick the chicks with pea combs, if they have single combs they have a very small chance of laying blue.

The best chance of getting mostly pullets to to pick the ones with the smallest pink combs, and dont get any with dark red coming in on the wings. They are not old enough to have the pointed feathers yet, those come in at 3-4 months.


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May 6, 2011
If he really has Araucanas, they'll be fairly expensive. Way more than a simpler breed like a Marans.

If he calls them Araucanas but they have tails and beards, they're probably Easter Eggers. If he calls hem Ameraucanas but they're also inexpensive, same thing, they're Easter Eggers.

Look for a pea comb, one with only 1 row, not 3, if you can tell them apart. It'll probably be very hard. Look for boring colors, the females are bland, usually, and the males more flashy.

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