What should we do for blowing snow?

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    Jun 23, 2010
    We have an 8X12 coop with an 10 inch ventilation strip all the way around, both windows have been closed for the winter and we have a clear fiberglass roof ( we did not get to the permanent roof this summer) We had to block off one side of the ventilation because snow was blowing in and it seems to be coming in from the west as well. We live on top of a ridge which gets the wind going in all directions. Can I block off the west side and it still be adequate ventilation? They are in an unheated coop and it seems fairly cozy in there, but snow is starting to collect in the store room.

    Any suggestions appreciated!

    p.s- what was I thinking putting the coop on the side that gets the biggest drifts??? [​IMG]
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    Could you put up some screen across the vents preventing the snow from entering?
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    Yup, absolutely, that's the best plan. Close the upwind vents in wintertime. (e.t.a. - just make sure you have sufficient size of vents on the other side(s) to compensate)

    (I realize that in some weather, and in some sites, *everywhere* seems to be upwind LOL -- in this case, with strong swirly winds, you may need to add some form of baffle or wind guard on the downwind vents as well, so they can remain open without letting too large a drift of snow in)

    Regarding biggest drifts, remember that snow shovelled or drifted against the coop is a very good insulator. (Especially if it was shovelled there by someone else, LOL)

    Good luck, have fun,

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