What should we do?


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
Hi, my mother and I are new to raising chickens. So if these are really dumb questions I apologize.

We have two older banties that are about 8 months old. Today we got three 1 and a half months old that are about half their older ones size. We put them together and the older ones pecked at the little ones so we took them away. We no have them in a seperate run with a dog house thing and food and water in pie tins right by the main coop. Is this all right or do we need to do something else?

Thanks for any help.
I think that should be fine. You can wait until they are a little bit older to reintroduce them. Also, having them next to the main coop where the older ones can see them and be around them will let your older hens get used to them. good luck!

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