What size breeding cage for partridges?


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Oct 2, 2010
Hello all,

Im planning on hatching a few chukar partridge next season and i want to build an outdoor wire floor pen for them, can someone tell me what size would suit a couple of pairs.
I was thinking width 7ft, Depth 3ft and between 2ft -3ft height.

Craig your pen sounds fine. I use to have half a dozen or so Chukar in the pen pictured below. The pen is 3ft by 8ft and could realistically hold 10-12 Chukar by my standards...some people would put 15-20 or more.


So they don't need a flight pen?

This whole quail thing started out because I wanted Chukar. I thought they needed a flight pen. It was suggested you start with Bob Whites or Coturnix so I went with the Coturnix to learn and they don't need flight pens and because they would just take up less space.

So basically I could have Chukar in what I have now for a grow out pen for my quail.
Sounds like I just need to get my permit and some eggs.

Is this really right? I have to read the back threads on this section.
If you are raising birds up to sell for hunting flight penning them is the only way to go. If your just keeping for pets/breeders the pen I have shown above works great. Same is true for bobwhite and pheasant...I usually keep bobs off the ground and pheasant in a flight pen even if breeders.

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