what size feeder and waterer?


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Mar 17, 2008
Woodinville, WA
Hi guys! I'm ready to go out and get a feeder and waterer from the local store and was unsure what size I needed for my 4 hens. I want to get a size that I would be able to leave them enough feed and water should we go on vacation for a week. what do you think? I think I might try buying them instead of making them...I'm not real handy.....
Maybe you should set up an automatic waterer, if you are going away for a week without anyone checking on them, so they can have fresh water. They sell them at McMurray Hatchery.
Thank you for the info! If i decide to get a 5 gallon waterer, do you think that would be adequate for a week? Our summers do not get very warm here and they will be in the shade most of the time....so I don't think they are risk of overheating.....

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