What size leg band?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by MuckBucket, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Jun 8, 2011
    Getting in baby chicks for our feed store this fall and would like to leg band them so I can take any back that don't find the perfect home. However I went to look into getting bands and they come in all sizes, what is the appropriate size for baby chicks, standard layers and sometimes assorted bantams? When they arrive to use they are 2 days old.
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    Cutler Supply has a leg band chart that might help.

    Depending on how long you plan to keep them, you might try food coloring on the down or something like that. I have not tried that, but a lot of hatcheries will mark their chicks with some type of coloring if you ask them to. I'm not sure how long that lasts since they feather out pretty fast.


    Another option is to use zip ties. You can get small colored ones that work well.
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