What stage of the addiction are you on?


I gots Duckies!
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May 7, 2007
Sterling, Alaska
The 12 steps of chicken addiction.

Step 1 takes place at the feed store and goes OHHHHH aren’t they cute!
Step 2 can I get one?
Step 3 you can’t get just one because she needs a friend
Step 4 oh look they have ducks too
Step 5 takes place on line or from catalogs when you begin placing large orders
Step 6 you build your own incubator
Step 7 one incubators not enough so you get a second
Step 8 your spouse decides to open a backyard hatchery
Step 9 you have more than 100 birds from more than 6 species
Step 10 your weekly feed bill is more than your weekly grocery bill
Step 11 your spouse has to quack or cackle to get your attention
Step 12 your spouse either gives up and gets involved or files for divorce
Step 13 you allow non frozen poultry into the kitchen or dining room
Step 14 your in denial that you have a problem
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Well I KNOW I am on step 12 but pretty sure I have gone past it also. Have made new steps just haven't figured out what they are yet..
Mrs. AK-Bird-Brain :

It's a good thing I'm cute, huh?

Yes Dear, it's a very good thing!

Edited to add My wifes at step 12, I'm only at step 4​
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OMG! I am soooo at stage 4!!!! Just picked up my day olds 9 days ago, and am impatiently waiting for them to get in a new shipment of ducklings!!! Wow, guess I am really addicted! And am in the process of #6, so I can do #5, and hubby has just become #12!!!

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